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Employment paperwork for new FRRS employees

Please read this and print the receipt to bring with you to the retirement office: Conflict of Interest law Summary and Receipt

Please click this link, take the “STATE-COUNTY EMPLOYEE ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAM” listed at the bottom of the webpage, and print the certification of completion to bring with you to the retirement office: State Ethics Online Training

Please download and retain a copy of our personnel policy.  Please read it and ask for clarification of any items for which you need further information: Personnel Policy

Please complete these forms and deliver them to the retirement office:

Please complete as much as you can of this form before bringing it to the retirement office, along with the required documentation indicated on the form: Dept. of Homeland Security I-9 form

We offer various insurances.  Please click this link and peruse the offerings and decide which, if any, you would like to participate in: Hampshire Insurance Trust  We will assist you in the enrollment process.  Teh Hampshire Trust lists other insurances on its website, but no further information.  However, they do provide this list of contacts for each of the other providers: Carrier Communications List Dec 2014  When you have completed all your selections, please fill-out this Election Form checklist and bring it to the retirement office with all your other forms: FRRS Insurances election form

We also offer participation in a 457 Retirement Plan with Nationwide.  Please click here to see the information on their website: http://www.nationwide.com/457-retirement-plans.jsp

Desiree Joy is our contact with Nationwide and she is always available for questions, and to help you enroll:


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