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Retirees’ Annual COLA
PERAC guide for Retirees
W4-P 2018
Direct Deposit request Form
Option A & B residual payment 
Option B Beneficiary Change form
No Social Security Deductions from Retirees Returning to Work After Retirement
PERAC Cover Memo re: post retirement earnings
PERAC FAQs on Post Retirement Earnings
Post Retirement Earnings – FRRS Guidelines
PERAC Instructions for Post-Retirement Earnings Worksheet
Download PERAC Post Retirement Earnings Calculator spreadsheet
Each person’s tax situation is different, and for that reason we do not give out tax advice – we leave that to your chosen tax professional.  In regards to Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) code, we are defined as a State or political subdivision retirement plan under chapter 401(a), which can be further qualified under 414(h)(2) – ” . . . contributions not included in gross income reported for federal income tax purposes . . . “. e.g. pre-tax contributions. In some circumstances a portion of your contributions will not be “pre-tax”, when that is the case, the IRS form 1099r you receive from us will indicate the amount that is not “pre-tax”.

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